Frequently Asked Questions

Business computer systems that are not regularly maintained eventually end up with very serious problems that result in lengthy down time and high repair bills. We take a proactive approach by implementing one of our monthly maintenance, security and backup plans to prevent such scenarios. When something does go wrong, the monthly subscription ensures we are available to respond.

When you pay the same amount each month no matter what happens to your network, it is an incentive for us to prevent as many emergencies as possible. When an emergency does occur, we respond at no additional service cost to the business owner. It is sort of like having insurance. You always know that a technician familiar with your network configuration will respond quickly to fix the issue. The only cost beyond the monthly amount is for parts, material, and software used to resolve the issue. As a result, the technology service budget remains at a level monthly amount, computer systems run efficiently, and emergencies are minimized.  All for a fraction of the cost of building your own internal IT department.

Our plans are customized to meet the needs of your business so the monthly amount will vary.

Yes, we answer our phones live. Your call may occasionally end up in voicemail when all technicians are already helping others.  If this happens, please leave a detailed message so the next available technician can respond as soon as possible. We usually respond within 15 minutes.

Yes! We are so confident in our services that all of our support plans come with a 90-Day 100% Zero Hassle Guarantee.  If you are not happy for any reason, you may terminate your agreement no questions asked. After 90 days, if you are ever not satisfied with any work we perform, just let us know and we will work with you to ensure your satisfaction, at no additional charge.

No, we cannot guarantee that you will never have any technical problems or downtime; no one can. If you follow our recommendation, we guarantee you will see a significant drop in the number of problems you experience and a dramatic improvement in the speed, performance and reliability of your systems. We also guarantee our response times based on the level of impact the emergency has on your business.

We hire and train our own technicians after they have completed a thorough background check.