Effective Cybersecurity is Available for Small Businesses

Does cybersecurity seem overwhelming and out of reach for your small business? As your small business technology advocate, Boundless Data provides very effective cybersecurity solutions within reach of your small business budget. Partner with Boundless Data to elevate your cybersecurity posture, defend your digital assets and protect your reputation.

Backup Verification

Having ransomware resistant verified recoverable backups is critical to protecting your business. When all other protection measures have failed, recovery is the only option remaining. Get peace of mind from automated screenshot verification.

Email Security

Our email security eliminates spam and malware. It also stops phishing attacks, malicious links and impersonation tactics criminals use to steal account credentials, deliver malicious payloads and redirect funds.

Managed Security

Protect your business with a powerful suite of managed endpoint detection and response (EDR) capabilities backed by a 24/7 team of threat hunters who provide expert guidance for removing the threat.

Identity Management

Trust but verify the identity of those using your systems and accessing your data. Protect accounts with Password Management secured with Multi-Factor Authentication. Improve productivity with Single Sign-on.

Application Control

Implement the highly effective Zero Trust strategy for your small business. Instead of relying on systems to detect what is bad, only allow what is preapproved. Then restrict approved applications to necessary system areas.

Storage Control

Identify the location of your most critical digital assets, then build policies that only allow approved applications to access that location. Block all external storage or enforce encryption of portable storage devices.